How to make cabbage juice?

Cabbage provides more medicinal value than just about any other natural food available to us. It's packed with nutrients, can reduce chronic inflammation, improves digestion, keeps your heart healthy, lowers blood pressure and a lot more. Moreover, incorporating...

Is juicing actually good for you?

There is a big trend over the last several years about juicing. As you know, fruits are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we need to make our bodies function. Furthermore, fruits are great sources of fiber and it's a very important part of our diets. Your...

What are the best smoothie blenders?

Smoothie blenders are very important because they have sharp blades that rupture cell membranes of the ingredients to release their vitamins and nutrients. You cannot get the full vitamins and nutrients of food by chewing alone, that is why smoothie blenders are very...


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